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Kenley Kids Car Seat Travel Tray

$29.97 $35.97 saving $6.00
Kenley Kids Snack & Play Travel Tray - top view

Kenley Kids Car Seat Travel Tray

$29.97 $35.97 saving $6.00

The Kenley Kids Snack & Play Travel Tray is a road trip essential you didn’t know you needed….and you’ll wonder how you ever went without!

Travelling With Kids

Road trips in the car and long airplane journeys will suddenly become more enjoyable. No more “are we there yets” every 5 minutes!

Babies will want to stuff every toy they own in it. Toddlers will enjoy drawing, coloring, puzzles, etc. Older kids will even use it as a portable lap desk to do homework!  And kids of all ages will use it as a food tray or to watch a movie with the iPad/tablet holder.

A Smart Car Seat Tray

Back seat car organizers are great, but our car seat tray will keep everything tidy AND close to your child. Everything’s always within reach and the 4” sturdy side walls, raised front edge and multiple storage areas will keep all their travel toys contained. It also works wonders for catching crumbs (be honest with yourself, you’re going to let them eat in that new car seat eventually). It even has a waterproof surface so clean ups are always a breeze.

A Versatile Activity Tray

Car activities for your kids will never be the same but don’t just use it in the car! Our activity table can be used on airplanes too! Most toddlers simply can’t
reach the food trays on a plane making this the perfect travel accessory for your child.

It folds easily and can be carried with an extra wide strap and padded shoulder pad (included). It was designed to look like a carrying bag with an appealing chevron design and large zippered pocket on the outside.

Our simple color palettes and geometric designs will appeal to both boys and girls of any age…and maybe mom too!

We often think of long car rides or airplane travel as the most common uses for a kids travel tray but it has so many more uses! Your child can use it in the stroller, at the park, at a sporting event and yes, even on the couch to eat a meal!

For your own child, a baby shower or a unique birthday gift, the Kenley Kids Car Seat Travel Tray is sure to impress!

Travel Tray Highlights

  • 16.5" x 13.5" x 4" (will fit standard A4 paper)
  • Waterproof surface
  • iPad/tablet holder
  • Sturdy reinforced surface & walls
  • Padded surfaces for your child's comfort
  • Removable/collapsible storage wall
  • Raised front edge to keep toys/activities/food contained
  • Portable design with carry strap/shoulder pad
  • 2 cup holders (1 on side panel, 1 within removable storage wall)
  • Loaded with various sized storage pockets
  • Crash tested **with strap around convertible car seat in compliance with FMVSS213)


***Bonus*** FREE printable kids coloring book included!




Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great travel item

I love this tray, because we use it to travel in the car and keeps the kids entertained. My oldest daughter can use it also to keep her tablet from falling.

Great purchase!

So glad I bought this tray! My son loves it! It really does keep him quiet in the back and was a lifesaver on our recent 12 drive. I would recommend.

Amazing quality trays!

I have two trays for my girls (ages 2&4)! They are so sturdy and work so well! I love the trays have a front section to keep toys, crayons or food from rolling off the tray. There is also a spot for your iPad or tablet which is a lifesaver! I highly recommend these trays!!!! They make traveling so much easier!

Love it! Thanks so much!

My 5 year old loves this tray! We set him up while heading out on a long road trip and he exclaim, "this is so amazing cause I can drink and eat and play all at the same time!"

I also bought one for his tween brother and he liked that he could draw in the car and watch movies on his iPad using the holder in the tray.

We loved it so much we ordered some as gifts for family members too!

Love it!

Love it!
My Hubby and I love this travel tray. There were so many to chose from and we are so happy with our choice.
The quality seems really great. It is very sturdy and it looked comfortable on my daughter. We’ve seen some others that are really flimsy.
The divider ‘thingie’ was perfect to hold her snacks and crayons and I like that you can put a water bottle there or on the side as well. We haven’t used the iPad holder yet but I like that that it’s clear and there’s not a wide strap covering the screen like some others have.
The colors are really nice, not too babyish, and the chevrons kinda match my baby bag!
Overall, great product that we look forward to using for years to come. Planning to buy for my nieces too!