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Kenley Kids is a company born out of necessity and creativity.  We LOVE and KNOW kids too!

Our founders, Martin and Liz, became parents in 2012; their hearts were full and their house quickly became full too! They quickly learned the difference between the "must-have" products and the trendy, useless clutter.

As their family mobilized, they realized the need for kid-approved travel products. Their first product, “The Travel, Snack and Play Tray,’ is the first successful launch from a company that is proud to bring quality, life-changing products into your home.

Our mission is to create quality products with useful function to make mom and dad's life easier.

Keep your eyes open for the other functional and fashionable products we have in the works!

**Fun Fact! ‘Kenley’ is a mashup of Martin and Liz’s childrens’ names, Kennedy and Wesley.

Wes, Liz, Kennedy & Martin
Wes, Liz, Kennedy & Martin