Snack & Play Travel Tray

The perfect travel companion for your toddlers, tweens & in between!

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Versatile & Portable

In the car, stroller or on the plane, take it anywhere!

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Fold & Carry

Ultra portable & stylish design

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Keep your kids entertained for hours!

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The Kenley Kids Snack & Play Travel Tray

The Last Travel Car Seat Tray You'll Ever Need To Buy!

Sick and tired of all the flimsy, useless travel trays on the market that simply don't last or do what they're supposed to?  So were we!  Kenley Kids designed the perfect snack & play travel car tray for your little and not-so-little-anymore baby!  Whether it's a short car-ride to grandma's or an extended family road trip, your children need this car seat tray...almost as much as you do!

How Will Your Child Use It?

With a sturdy waterproof surface, your child can draw, color, play, read, eat & watch their favourite show! 

toddler car travel play tray multifuntional

Snack & Play Travel Car Tray

More than just another lap tray! The Kenley Kids travel play tray is loaded with features and improvements you won't find with others.

toddler snack play travel car tray top
  • A Place For Their Tablet

    Relax while your kids enjoy their favourite movie!

    car play travel tray ipad tablet holder
  • Keep The Mess Contained

    A curved & raised front bumper wall will fit snugly around your child and keep the mess contained

    car play travel tray bumper border wall
  • A Place For All Their Things

    Many storage areas including a large zippered side pocket

    kenley kids travel tray zipper pocket
  • More Storage

    Additional storage for their pencils & miscellaneous and a place for their drink

    toddler travel lap tray storage pockets drink holder
  • Elastic Pockets

    Again, more room for their stuff!

    toddler travel tray elastic pockets stretchy
  • A Giant Pocket On The Back

    Large enough for coloring books & tablets!

    Kids car travel tray large zipper pocket chevron grey white
  • Quality & Durability

    Our play trays were built to last with quality materials. No Cheaping out here!

    car travel tray buckle clip
  • Waterproof surface

    Don't worry about spills, we have you covered!

    Kenley kids waterproof travel play tray car

A Versatile Storage Wall

A bonus spot to hold an additional drink, toys, crayons, food...whatever they want! It can also be folded or removed to reveal an extra large surface.

kids car travel tray storage wall divider removable

3 Styles To Choose From...

Compared To Others...There's No Competition!

See for yourself, our tray is loaded with so many more features....

Kenley kids car seat travel tray feature comparison